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What Are The Benefits of Using Horse Hair in a Mattress? Know Here!

Horse Hair Mattress

The Magic Tail!

A horsetail mattress is the ultimate in luxury, and it’s an experience you’ll never forget. They’ve been popular since the 19th century and are noted for their longevity. People have said that traditional horsetail mattresses can last for a hundred years or more.
For our mattresses at Pranasleep®, we’ve done extensive research to identify the greatest filler material with the most breathable and flexible features in the world. Horsetail hair is a natural substance that dates back to the dawn of time.
Horse hair mattresses are famed for their softness, but they’re also known for their ability to support your back. You may rest well knowing that you’re sleeping in a chemical-free, chemical-free environment. A closer look at these high-end mattresses’ advantages.

Soft, Strong and Flexible

Have you ever had the pleasure of petting a horse’s tail? They have a smooth texture. As a delicate, natural material, horse hair is often utilized in bedding, pillows, and other soft furnishings.
horse hair isn’t only soft; it’s also sturdy. This is critical if you want your mattress to endure for many years. Also, since it is flexible, it conforms to the body and is normally tamed.

Integrated Ventilation System

Horse hair also has a built-in ventilation system that is quite effective. horse hair works as a small airway, a hollow tube with microscopic capillary activity that drains moisture and allows in fresh air. If you soak horse hair in water and shake it vigorously, it dries in seconds.

It is Inherently Hypoallergenic

Are you allergic to any substances? The good news is that horse hair is hypoallergenic, so you won’t have to worry about it. When it comes to allergy friendly bedding, horse hair is an excellent choice because of its capacity to resist mites. It is less dusty and less likely to cause an allergic reaction because of its structure.


horse hair is known for its durability, which not only ensures that it will endure for a significant amount of time but also ensures that it will continue to be comfortable. For this reason, horse hair is an important component of our mattresses since it doesn’t flatten like synthetic material.

It Decomposes Naturally

The number of mattresses thrown away each year is staggering. Biodegradable mattresses are constructed of natural material , which mean they decompose rapidly and do not harm the environment.
As a result, the extraction and use of resources like horse hair is more ecologically friendly than the production of man-made fibers.


The spring compression rate determines a mattress’ firmness. The majority of horse hair mattresses provide numerous degrees of firmness, making them suitable for people of all sizes, shapes, and sleeping routines.


Horse hair mattresses of good quality offer motion isolation and are quiet. Because of this, sleeping on one of these mattresses will likely be more relaxing and pleasant for you.

If you are interested in purchasing a horsetail mattress, you should look into the Pranasleep® Horsetail Mattress since it will keep you dry while ensuring that the temperature is just right. Pranasleep® offers the best mattress in India in every category.

To that end, a medium-firm, firm, or ultra-firm mattress, depending on the individual’s preference, would be the ideal option for a person of a heavier weight.

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