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Making your whole body breathe easy


Cotton is possibly nature’s softest and most comfortable gift to mankind. Providing wonderful comfort and breath ability, Pranasleep® soft cotton allows air to circulate around your body, keeping you dry and comfortable in a healthy sleeping environment. These benefits will help you fall asleep more quickly and stay in deep sleep for longer.


Human beings breathe not only through our lungs, but also through our skin. We each have more than 7 million pores that breathe and remove toxins from our bodies. To stay dry and comfortable it is important to sleep in a bed that breathes and allows air to circulate.

Better nights and better days

Cotton is naturally flexible and allows your body to breathe while you sleep. In the right bed you won’t feels sweaty or warm. In the right bed you will sleep comfortable at the right temperature for your body. The perfect sleeping conditions will make your nights, and your days, extraordinary.

The difference between cotton and non-porous material

You have probably noticed how cool and dry you feel on a warm summer’s day when you wear a cotton shirt or blouse rather than one made from synthetic materials. This is due to cotton’s ability to ventilate and wick away perspiration and high humidity. Your perspiration during the night is 98% water, so it evaporates very easily if you sleep on a bed that breathes and on bed linen that does likewise.

Using cotton with non-porous materials like foam, memory foam polyester or other synthetics would barely offer any ventilation at all. Non-porous material retains moisture, which means that much of what the body expels through perspiration stays in the bed. And in a warm and damp environment, bed mites multiply rapidly.

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