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Know How Wool Mattress Keeps You Cool in Summer

Wool Mattress

Cool Wool Mattress!

But won't a Wool Mattress Cause me to Overheat?

This subject is frequently asked because so many of us have direct experience with how warm wool can be in cold weather. Without your beloved cable-knit wool sweater, how would you get through the colder months of the year? Despite being often worn, wool sweaters never grow smelly. They keep you warm, too.
wool ability to keep humans warm is well-known, but the reason behind this is less well-known. You might be shocked to learn that the answer also explains how wool keeps us cool!

How Does Wool Keep You Cool?

wool remarkable reputation as an absorbent material can be attributed, in large part, to the fact that it has the ability to swiftly absorb moisture. This property alone is responsible for wool widespread use. On a microscopic level, each fiber is coated in burs that are so small that they can open and close in response to variations in humidity or temperature.
Because moisture can readily move through the fibres, it keeps the air surrounding the body cool and dry, which enables you to have a relaxing and comfortable night’s sleep. In addition to this, it functions as an efficient barrier against the climatic extremes of both heat and cold in the surrounding area. Because of this, the person who is sleeping will have a peaceful night irrespective of the situation.
Sheep, like people, can benefit from having their hair cut and nails trimmed at regular intervals. Sheep can also benefit from having a spring cleaning.
When shearing is done in the spring, the sheep are able to maintain at least an inch of wool on their coats throughout the summer. wool wicks moisture away from the surface of the skin to help dissipate body heat more quickly during the hottest months of the year, just like it does for us.
Because of this, choosing natural bedding made of wool is a wise decision. During the sweltering days, it helps keep us cool, and during the freezing nights, it helps keep us warm!

What Makes PranaSleep® Mattress the Best Mattress in India?

When it comes to wicking moisture away, wool is a natural choice. Naturally resistant to microbes, it enables the free passage of air. Pranasleep’s® Perfect Wool Mattress is made of a blend of wool and cotton that provides the ultimate comfort and fire-retardant characteristics. They are handcrafted by devoted artisans and have a blend of wool and other fibers that provides cushioning comfort and pressure alleviation.


Many people have abandoned their memory foam mattresses in favor of ones that are better at controlling body temperature. A soft mattress made of natural fibers, such as wool , allows the body’s heat to be regulated and does not reflect it back to the sleeper.

When it comes to keeping a sleeping body at a reasonable temperature, natural materials usually win out. Because of this, PranaSleep’s® high-end mattresses are made only from natural materials that come straight from the earth.

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