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No chemicals

Would you choose a mattress made from non-sustainable synthetic, toxic chemicals when you could enjoy the healthy, superior comfort of a natural Pranasleep®.

Your body needs to breathe

Temperature is one of the main reason you’ll sleep badly. Too hot. Too cold. Sweating over-heating…. things the body does not like when it’s trying to repair itself. And, much like wrapping food in foil or plastic, your body simply cannot breathe and control its natural resting temperature when it’s wrapped in chemical synthetics. Things like thread count, comfort or support don’t matter when you’re too hot or too cold, which is one reason why we still use natural materials. Put simply, non-porous chemical synthetic materials like rubber, polyester, foam or memory foam barely offer any ventilation.

A Fresher Sleep

Then there’s moisture control and hygiene. Non-porous material retains moisture, which means that much of what the body expels through perspiration stays in the mattress. Your memory foam mattress is basically a sponge. Within a handful of years, your average foam mattress will double in weight from the moisture it will soak up! And in a warm and damp environment, mattress mites, bacteria and germs multiply rapidly in these damp conditions.

The Right support

In terms of support and alignment a foam mattress, even memory foam, cannot compare to a spring system’s isolation of support. With a chemical synthetic mattress one will find it hard to maintain its support for the length of time a Pranasleep® can. As artificial materials age they become brittle and dull in support – often breaking down and crumbling to expel microscopic particles into your bedroom. As if the initial VOC gassing-off wasn’t bad enough.

Choose the natural experience

Pranasleep® wants you to get the best sleep possible. This is why we make mattress the way we do, using the materials and methods we know you and your loved ones can trust. It’s a natural choice for your sleep.

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