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100% NATURAL material

Horsetail hair - perfect for sleep

Horsetail hair is a wonder material when it comes to constructing a bed. Every single curled strand works as a tiny spring, enhancing the work of our internal
spring systems, providing support and pliability. Horsetail hair also comes with its own extremely effective, built-in ventilation system. Each strand of horsehair has a hollow tube that acts like a miniature airway, with a microscopic capillary action that channels away moisture and lets fresh air in. Thanks to horsetail hair, you’ll fall asleep quicker and enjoy deep, uninterrupted, rejuvenating sleep at the perfect temperature. Just imagine what this does for the quality of your sleep and your life.

Completely free from allergens

The horsehair we use in our beds is completely free from allergens, meaning that it does not cause allergies. Also worth noting is that horsehair is an organic material with natural antibacterial, antifungal and anti-mite properties that contributes to a healthy, hygienic sleeping environment.

Horsetail hair

Wool - performance from nature

Nature has created another minor miracle, the perfect partner for horsetail hair and cotton, a superperformance material; wool. Pure wool helps to ensure a good bed climate and works as your bed’s own temperature control unit. Since ancient times, people have known about wool’s amazing ability to be warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s warm. You will stay dry, and sleep at just the right temperature. The wool fiber has a complex spring-like structure with a textured surface, optimized through evolution to provide thermal protection. This unique cellular structure is very different from smooth synthetic fibers.

The structure of wool allows for a large volume of air between the fibers, giving amazing natural insulation properties along with flexibility, elasticity and resilience. Wool can also absorb up to 30 percent of its weight in water without feeling wet. Tiny pores allow water to pass through the wool fiber, making the material comfortable during warm summer or cool winter nights. Sleep tight, all year round.

Sleep completely all year round.


Cool cotton

You have probably noticed how cool and dry you feel on a warm summer’s day when you wear a cotton shirt or blouse rather than one made from synthetic materials. This is due to cotton’s ability to ventilate and wick away perspiration and high humidity. Your perspiration during the night is 98 percent water, so it evaporates very easily if you sleep on a bed that breathes and use bed linen that does likewise. Cotton is perhaps nature’s softest and most comfortable gift to mankind. Providing wonderful comfort and breath ability, Pranasleep® soft cotton allows air to circulate around your body, keeping you dry and comfortable in a healthy sleeping environment.

A fresher sleep

Human beings breathe through our skin as well as our lungs. We each have more than 7 million pores that breathe and remove toxins from our bodies. To stay dray and fresh, it is important to sleep in a bed that allows air to circulate around your body.

The perfect blend

Pranasleep® beds contain a mix of wool and cotton precisely blended to provide superior comfort while bringing naturally fire-retardant properties to our beds. Wool is actually one of the most flame-resistant fibers in existence. It also possesses antistatic properties as well as being strong, elastic, water-resistant and heat-insulating.

The strength and beauty of pine

Pranasleep® wooden frame gives your bed remarkable strength and stability. Our frames are made of solid, carefully selected pine trees from Himalayan forests, where they grow at a slower pace – something that gives them enhanced strength. Quality and environmental responsibility are close to our heart. We provide a 25-year warranty on all our bed frames.
Natural latex
Charcoal fabric

Steel - hard, medium and soft

Pranasleep® springs are a science in their own right. Ours are of the highest quality. All Pranasleep® beds contain two or more cooperating spring systems, soft and flexible springs to provide surface softness, and firmer springs below for deep support. With these spring systems working harmoniously, the bed conforms to your body to give you support, alignment and relaxation. Pranasleep® springs carry a 25-year warranty.
Steel springs

More is not better

What makes the Pranasleep® spring system work so well is not the number of springs, but the different types, how they are placed, and the way them combine with the layers of natural materials. A combination of spring dimension, height, and number of coils determines the quality and properties of the spring system. It is a precise engineering algorithm. For example, the higher the number of coils, the higher the bed’s quality and the longer its life but too many coils will affect a spring’s compression. The balance of variable is crucial when designing spring systems to achieve the optimal result. Each and every one of our spring systems is carefully calculated to provide the desired pressure relief and support needed to ensure a better sleep experience.

Pocket spring system

Our pocket springs work independently of each other in a unique way. When weight is placed on a single spring, the adjacent springs are barely affected. Each spring moves individually according to every movement of your body, which means that when your partner turns over in bed you will barely notice it. Special heat treatment of the steel rearranges the springs’ metal structure, ensuring they retain their exact form and elasticity; always returning to their original position after compression. Each spring is placed in breathable pockets that allow air to pass through the entire bed to provide a healthy sleeping climate.


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