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Get Balanced Firmness With A Natural Material Mattress. Know More!

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Enjoy Natural Support And Sleep Well!

Tackling the subject of firmness head-on may be challenging. Why? The truth is, people have somewhat varying perceptions of how firm a mattress is. It’s subjective, like any feeling quality, and your choice might vary greatly based on your size, shape, and weight. Fortunately, however, there are certain guidelines and regulations that may help you figure out what level of firmness is best for you and your needs.
This article will explain what “firmness” is, how the mattress market defines “firmness,” and how natural material mattresses can provide balanced firmness for your own preferences and sleeping habits.

Mattress Firmness: What Does It Mean?

You may judge a mattress’ firmness by how it feels when you first lie down on it. Which describes your sleeping style better: sinking deeply into the mattress or floating on top of it? Is there a lot of resistance, or can you feel the materials molding to your shape? Any mattress may be classified as soft, medium firm, or hard by asking a few simple questions.
The mattress business often uses a “firmness scale” with a range of 1–10 to assist buyers understand the level of firmness in their mattresses. If mattresses were graded on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the firmest, the softest mattress in the world would be rated a 1. Most people agree that a 6.5 out of 10 rating means that something is medium-firm.

Pranasleep®: Natural Mattresses With Balanced Firmness

Balanced Support

The effects of using many layers of natural materials with varying qualities and advantages may be rather surprising. The materials have more space to move when, for instance, horsehair is separated into numerous layers and membranes of cotton and wool are put in between. The result is a more adaptable and pleasant support system. Not only do we use many different kinds of natural materials in our beds, but we also use many different sizes for each layer to find the best design for each model.
The bed can breathe thanks to the use of natural materials, making it ideal for rest. Each little strand of curly horse hair acts as a micro spring, supporting our spring systems and promoting airflow.
Our mattresses have been carefully crafted to give the ideal balance of spring and elasticity, allowing for optimal airflow while also relieving pressure points all over the body. To get the most out of the qualities of our natural materials, we based our bed design on qualitative evaluations and mechanical calculations.
All Natural

A growing number of individuals understand that certain substances are dangerous to both humans and ecosystems. Demand for environmentally sound mattresses is rising as people realize that health and happiness are inextricably linked to protecting the planet. Beds from Pranasleep® are made to the highest standards and with consideration for the environment, and we have the best luxury mattresses in India.

Our mattresses are made from entirely natural materials that break down in the environment. Beds may be securely recycled or returned to the natural cycle without disrupting that cycle. Products with natural origins often have a strong desire to be recycled back into their natural state.

Choose Pranasleep®

Whoever claimed you couldn’t get a good night’s sleep on an ecologically friendly and green first mattress doesn’t know what they’re talking about. You definitely can! As PranaSleep® expands its eco-friendly and organic mattress line, we offer a wider range of mattress firmnesses to meet the needs of customers who have different preferences for how their natural luxury mattresses feel when they sleep.

By opting for a Pranasleep® bed crafted from real natural materials, you can rest assured that you will enjoy a dry, comfortable night’s sleep on a well-ventilated base with chemical-free materials touching your skin.

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