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5 Reasons You’ll Love Sleeping On A Cotton Mattress

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Sleep on an all natural cotton mattress by PranaSleep®!

The best mattress is the one that allows you to relax at the end of a long day. More importantly, it has to be adaptable to a variety of environments. There are many different materials that may be used to make a mattress, like wool, silk, polyester, and more. However, a mattress made of cotton is the best option. The mattress allows air to circulate, leaving you feeling revitalized. The most popular kind of mattress is a cotton mattress, since it is both comfortable and long-lasting.

However, there are additional advantages to sleeping on a cotton-based mattress. Check out the rest of this article to learn more about them!

Cotton is Cool

When rubbing against the skin, a synthetic cloth generates friction. The buildup of static electricity causes the body to overheat. Instead, cotton allows the skin to breathe freely, keeping you cool all night long.
The sleeper experiences unparalleled ease and comfort, allowing him to drift off into a state of blissful slumber that will awaken him feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Effectively absorbs moisture

Your body perspires throughout the night, something you may not be aware of. Cotton has a significant function in collecting moisture and releasing it into the air without giving the wearer pain. This is necessary for a good night’s sleep. Consequently, you feel revitalized upon awakening.


When you buy a certified mattress, you know that all of the components are up to par. Every component of a certified cotton mattress, from the thread used in the stitching to the fabric used for the cover, must be up to the certification level. In the end, what this means for the mattress is not only how it ends up but also how long it will remain that way.
A certified organic cotton mattress will survive for many years without showing any significant signs of wear and tear. This allows the sleeper to earn a significant return on their investments over a considerable period of time. The improved quality of their nightly slumber will continue for the rest of their lives.


As it contains no synthetic pesticides, organic cotton is environmentally friendly. Cotton is an excellent option if you’re concerned about environmental sustainability. As a result, it reduces air pollution and pesticide use.

Hypoallergenic and Sensitivity-Friendly

Traditional mattresses may be problematic for those with dust mite and skin allergy problems. People in this situation might be better off with an organic cotton mattress, which doesn’t let bugs or microorganisms grow because of how it’s made.


Do you really need a bed that causes you to toss and turn as you attempt to sleep on it? You may now be aware of the need to replace your conventional mattress with one made of certified organic cotton from PranaSleep®.
The smooth cotton in Pranasleep® mattresses lets air flow all over your body, keeping you dry and comfortable all night long.

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