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Tips To Buy Natural Mattress For a Healthy Body

Natural Mattress

Enrich Your Prana!

It is a sad fact that we live in a toxic, plastic-wrapped environment and are constantly exposed to toxic substances. There are many pollutants in our environment that we cannot control, so it has become increasingly necessary to decrease or eliminate those that we can. This is especially the case while we are
When we sleep, our bodies are at their most productive. In essence, we’re increasing our body’s workload and making it more difficult to accomplish its job if we spend the night inhaling toxic gases. Our capacity to recuperate is harmed when we are sleep deprived, which has a cascading effect on our entire health. As a result, investing in a natural mattress is the best form of self-care.

What to Look For When Buying a Natural Mattress

Toxin-free mattresses should have the following features:

Natural Materials

Natural latex rubber is the primary component of all natural mattresses. There are two distinct variants to consider: natural latex mattresses, which offer an alternative to conventional foam mattresses, Spring mattresses, on the other hand, are an alternative for people who desire a mattress that is exceptionally firm. Rather than using traditional foam or another synthetic substance to cover the springs, this design uses natural latex instead. The following materials are used in both complete latex and latex-spring mattresses:
1. natural latex, either as the core (for 100% latex) or covering a spring core (for 100% latex)
2. “Batting” made of organic cotton, serves as a cushioning layer on top of the latex
3. Thick, naturally flame-retardant woolen fabric In the Pranasleep ® Mattress, the natural latex content is more than three times more than in regular Talalay latex, resulting in a product that is comfortable, supportive and eco-friendly.

The Use of Environmentally Friendly Products and Processes

In order to be considered really eco-friendly, a mattress must be built from natural  materials, be produced sustainably, and have a low carbon impact. It’s important to verify that the latex in your mattress comes from trees that are being grown in a sustainable manner, such as in a plantation that grows new latex trees on a regular basis. Our state-of-the-art Bonita Springs, FL plant proudly manufactures every PranaSleep®  mattress. Everything we manufacture is meticulously crafted by time-tested craftspeople employing the newest advances in technology and materials that ensure sustainability. Genuine  concern can be seen in every aspect of our work.

A Feeling of Ease and Comfort

Make sure that the mattress you purchase is both comfy and environmentally sustainable before making a purchase. Eco-friendly mattresses can be wonderfully comfy, so you don’t have to give up comfort for a green mattress. After all, one of the key motivations for purchasing a mattress is to obtain a good night’s sleep! The Talalay latex foam used in PranaSleep®  premium mattresses comes in a variety of densities, allowing for solid but soft support in the mattress’s core and comfort layers.
Because of this, choosing natural bedding made of wool is a wise decision. During the sweltering days, it helps keep us cool, and during the freezing nights, it helps keep us warm!

Bottom Line

The following are some of the criteria that need to be met for a mattress to be considered fully environmentally friendly: It is created in a sustainable manner with limited use of chemicals it is mostly made from natural resources; and it has a low carbon footprint. At PranaSleep® , our innovative approach to the creation of mattresses in each collection liberally incorporates natural materials, in addition to one hundred percent natural Talalay Latex, in order to provide the utmost, most natural experience possible.
Natural Luxury Mattress


Ultimately, we can conclude that a natural luxury mattress is specifically for your good night’s sleep. And you can rely on the Pranasleep® mattress to help you experience better sleep.
A mattress and a pillow help you achieve uninterrupted sleep and start a new and fresh day. That is why sleep hygiene and quality are essential for your sleeping experience. The lack of these factors can lead to sleep deprivation and health issues By switching to a Pranasleep® natural luxury mattress, you are helping your mother nature because of its sustainable and eco-friendly nature. It’s high time to invest in a Pranasleep® horse hair mattress and see the quality of your sleep change.

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