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The Benefits of Sleeping on a Natural Luxury Mattress

Natural Luxury Mattress


Bedrooms are designed for a specific reason – facilitating a good night’s sleep. A bedroom’s atmosphere should be enough for a night of sufficient and deep sleep. So, it is essential you sleep on a natural and healthy surface, not breathe any chemical materials.

According to Wayne Ross, a senior sleep researcher at InsideBedroom, “One hundred percent natural luxury mattresses can be more durable, and they can last up to 25 years without losing support.” He further explains,” Natural mattress is known for its resilient and sturdy nature compared to other mattress materials.”





While many of you won’t pay attention to your mattresses, it is, in fact, an essential sleeping piece of equipment in your house that can badly affect your body and mind.


To convince you, consider the benefits of buying a natural luxury mattress for a good night’s sleep.

Benefits of Sleeping on a Natural Luxury Mattress

Natural mattresses are way better than chemical mattresses. Switching to a natural luxury mattress is beneficial to your mental, emotional and physical well-being. Here are some of the benefits of sleeping on a natural luxury mattress:


Natural Material

Natural luxury mattresses use natural ingredients like woolcotton, horse hair and other natural fibres. They don’t contain any specific chemical which can be harmful to you. 

Many studies have shown that Boric acid, which gets used in the making of the mattress, can cause cancer and many other health issues. It is known as a carcinogen. Imagine how people will get shocked when they realise they are sleeping on a mattress filled with chemical materials.


One of the best benefits of a natural luxury mattress is that they are healthy for you. At the same time offers you proper support to conform to your body instead of adjusting according to the mattress. 

The natural mattress is ideal if you like to sleep on your side. It can be beneficial when you have sore joints or bursitis; keep you comfortable and supportive as much as possible. 


Natural mattresses are hypoallergenic mattresses. These will not attract bacteria, are entirely free from toxins and do not emit any gases. As a result, you can breathe easy when you sleep. Moreover, the materials do not absorb moisture and let you sleep comfortably. 

Enhances Productivity

A good night’s sleep improves your productivity. Various bed surfaces play an essential role in how well you sleep. A natural luxury mattress will take care of your sleep without waking you up since it has a high response rate that takes shape according to your body pressure even when you do a little movement.


Did you know? If you purchase a low-quality mattress, you are compromising your health? Some issues include lower back aches, body pain, lack of sleep, etc. 

You won’t get correct body alignment and posture with a low-quality mattress, which can severely affect your health. But with a natural luxury mattress, you will get a supportive sleep surface which minimises pressure points and provides better circulation.

Why Pick a Natural Mattress?

The good news about picking a natural mattress is that it can be ideal for people with specific allergies. The chemicals used on the mattress can lead to various health problems, especially those with polybrominated diphenyl ethers.



Natural mattresses use woolcotton or horse hair to ensure that the mattress is safe, and compliant, doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, or dyes, and most are produced in an environment-friendly way.

How Long Does Natural Mattress Last?

As Wayne Ross said, Natural Mattresses can last up to 25 years with the quality, healthiest and most comfortable sleep. They can also incorporate the same designs, patterns or construction techniques as other standard mattresses.




You can also use mattress toppers on natural mattresses for an ordinary mattress as the natural mattress is dust mite resistant and antimicrobial. This property helps your bed stand the test of time and build trust regarding dust mites, bacteria and sweat absorption.

Where Can I get a Natural Luxury Mattress?

At Pransleep, you will get a range of natural luxury mattresses certified, tested, and represent real value for money. They provide more comfort and support than any other mattress. But wait a minute! Why only Pranasleep® ? Why not any other brand? Don’t worry; you will get all the answers for the same in the next segment of this article.

Why Buy Pranasleep ® Mattress?

Rajkumar Dasgupta, an assistant professor at the University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine, says,” Sufficient sleep is one of the three pillars of a healthy lifestyle, along with good nutrition and regular exercise.” 
And Pransleep® King Mattresses offer you sufficient sleep you need for your day-to-day activities, as Rajkumar Dasgupta mentioned in an interview with Healthline. Below are a few more reasons why you should buy Pranasleep® Mattress for your bedroom :v
  1. Pocket Spring System – Pranasleep® pocket spring system works differently. The adjacent spring barely gets affected when you put weight on a single spring. Each spring moves differently, meaning even if you do any movement in the middle of the night, the person lying next to you won’t get disturbed. Each of their spring is placed in breathable pockets that allow air to pass through the whole bed and offers you a healthy sleeping atmosphere.  
  2. Perfect Blend of Natural Ingredients – Pranasleep® mattress contains an ideal blend of natural materials like wool, cotton, and horse hair to provide superior comfort and naturally fire-resistance fibers. It has antistatic properties with firm, elastic, water-resistant, and, heat insulation. Using the horse hair mattress  by Pranasleep®, you will fall asleep easily and quickly and enjoy uninterrupted and deep sleep at the right temperature. What else do you want in your life other than quality sleep? Right?
  3. Environment Friendly – All Pranasleep® horse tail mattresses are crafted with environmental awareness. The natural materials used during the construction of these mattresses are naturally biodegradable. The Pransleep’s® bed can be recycled or safely returned to nature, offer comfort to your body and soul and also take care of the next generation’s resources.
  4. Enjoy the Perfect Sleeping Conditions – With the Pranasleep® king mattress, you can enjoy the perfect sleeping conditions. Each single curled horse hair strand works as a small spring, boosting the outcome of their spring systems while allowing moisture and heat to disappear from the bed. The prana sleep® bed design is designed on qualitative tests and mechanical calculations to increase the benefits of their natural materials.
  5. The Ideal Support – In terms of support, you cannot match the performance you get from a spring system isolation support in the Pranasleep® mattress. With a synthetic chemical bed, you will find it hard to maintain its support for an extended period like a Pranasleep® can. 
  6. Heat and Moisture Resistant – Non-porous materials retain moisture, which means that what your body expels would stay in bed only. And in a warm and moist environment, bacteria, moulds, bed mites, and germs multiply rapidly and interrupt your sleeping patterns. But when you use the Pranasleep® horse tail mattress, you can enjoy the best sleep possible because their beds are the natural choice for your health and environment.
  7. Worthy Every Penny – the most crucial question is,” are the benefits of natural luxury mattresses worth the cost”? And the answer is a big YES! Pranasleep® horsehair mattresses offer support, alignment, and relaxation and are worth your money. Moreover, Pranasleep® springs carry 25 years of warranty and nationwide free one-week delivery.
Natural Luxury Mattress


Ultimately, we can conclude that a natural luxury mattress is specifically for your good night’s sleep. And you can rely on the Pranasleep® mattress to help you experience better sleep.

A mattress and a pillow help you achieve uninterrupted sleep and start a new and fresh day. That is why sleep hygiene and quality are essential for your sleeping experience. The lack of these factors can lead to sleep deprivation and health issues By switching to a Pranasleep ® natural luxury mattress, you are helping your mother nature because of its sustainable and eco-friendly nature. It’s high time to invest in a Pranasleep® horse hair mattress and see the quality of your sleep change.

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