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How A Natural Luxury Mattress Is Important To Get Sound Sleep !!!

Natural Luxury Mattress


How is sleeping on a natural and luxury mattress essential for our health? According to Dr Matt Walker’s bestseller “Why We Sleep” – if you don’t get sound sleep, you are affecting your blood pressure, increasing the chances of heart stroke, weight gain, and mental health issues.

And to attain a good and sound sleep, the best option you can choose is a natural luxury mattress for yourself. But, wait a minute, how will a natural and luxury mattress help achieve sound sleep? Let’s try to find the answer in today’s article!


Why use a Natural / Organic Mattress?

Now a days, more and more people are getting aware that certain materials are harmful to the environment and themselves. And that is why the natural mattresses demand is increasing for ecologically sound beds.

Natural materials like wool, cotton and horsehair used while making mattresses allow the bed to breathe, creating the right sleeping conditions. For example, when horsehair divides into different layers and membranes of cotton and wool are placed between, the materials have great space to move. Therefore, you will sleep quickly and enjoy deep, rejuvenating sleep at the right temperature by offering more support

Natural mattresses are a pretty good investment due to their long lifespan, and beds with natural materials provide tremendous benefits and advantages for your health and the environment compared to synthetic mattresses. Now, when you understand the uses and importance of natural materials used in the construction of the mattress, some of you might be wondering how the luxury mattress can help get sound sleep. Let’s try to understand that in the next section.

How Can A Luxury Mattress Help Achieve Good Night's Sleep?

Do you know? According to a National Sleep Foundation Survey, 92% of people say that a comfortable mattress is essential for a good night’s sleep considering the health benefits like weight loss, improved memory, and no back or neck problems.

The main aim of a luxury mattress is to offer increased levels of support to the body. And when you purchase a luxury mattress online with a high spring count, it supports the body very well. 

Your body’s correct posture is all you need when you sleep, mainly the lumbar curve of your spine. If this gets achieved through a luxury mattress, your back or shoulders do not have to fight with your body, making it comfortable to achieve a good night’s sleep.


If your mattress cannot offer you the proper support, you won’t be able to get a good night’s sleep. Therefore, your whole body will be tense and tired throughout the day. Though many people blame their morning backaches and pain on a late-night party or ageing, your old and unsupportive mattress is the only culprit.

Five Benefits of a high-quality Luxury Mattress

Following are the points that Pranasleep® keeps in mind while constructing a natural and luxury mattress for their customers to get sound sleep
  1. Luxury Mattress made with hypoallergenic materials- so you don’t have to worry about bed bugs or any other bacteria interfering with your sleep.

2. High-quality luxury mattresses have an open-cell structure, which helps regulate the airflow and keeps the surface dry and cool even during the hot season.

3. The foam used in the high-quality luxury mattress provides natural orthopedic benefits to give your body the right kind of support and correct posture to reduce back or neck pain.

4. The durability you get from a high-quality luxury mattress is one of the main reasons people don’t think much before buying it. You get more than 10 years of warranty on the luxury mattress, which is a significant investment.

5. While constructing luxury mattresses, toxin-free materials are recycled, organic, and better for your health and our earth. Also, advanced fibers get used to provide maximum breathability and make you feel relaxed on a soft mattress for bed.

The main question arises: Where to buy the natural or luxury mattress to get a sound sleep? Don’t worry. We got you covered on that part as well

Where to Buy Natural and Luxury Mattress?

The primary function of a luxury mattress is to offer proper support to the body through its high spring counts, and Pranasleep® knows how to do it well for its customers. It is not entirely the number of springs used in the Pranasleep® beds, but the different types of springs, how they are placed, and the right way they combine with the layers of natural materials.


It is a precise engineering algorithm like spring dimension, height and number of coils used by Pranasleep® while constructing a bed. That is why it is different from other luxurious brand available in the market.

Let’s understand the Pranasleep® way of constructing a mattress using their precise engineering algorithm. The higher the coils, the higher the bed’s quality and longer its life. Right? We hear or read in articles, but Pranasleep® knows that too many coils will only affect a spring’s compression. 

And that is why they take care of the balance of these variables to get better results. Every spring system in a Pranasleep® mattress is calculated correctly to offer the desired pressure relief and support needed to their customers for a 

better sleep experience.

Why Trust Pranasleep®?

The Pranasleep® Company’s team includes people with different body types, sleeping positions, and firmness preferences to match their customers’ needs. They have thoroughly researched every natural/organic material they use while constructing their beds. These measures allow them to choose mattresses that are sustainable, comfortable and in demand with people nowadays.

Following are the points that Pranasleep® keeps in mind while constructing a natural and luxury mattress for their customers to get sound sleep:

Motion Isolation

Pranasleep® mattress spring moves individually according to every moment of your body. When your partner turns over, you will barely notice it and enjoy your good night’s sleep without any disturbance. 

Temperature Control

Human beings not only breathe through their lungs but also from their skin. To stay dry and cool, it is important to sleep in a bed that allows air to circulate through your body, and the Pranasleep® mattress will allow you to stay cool and relaxed due to the precise amount of cotton used while constructing a bed

Pressure Relief

Pressure can build up in your shoulders, neck, hips and other parts of your body while you are asleep. Pranasleep® mattress evenly distributes your body weight and keeps it on an even surface, and you won’t sink or even feel uncomfortable while sleeping on a soft bed.

Edge Support

Pranasleep® keeps in mind different parameters like height, spring dimension and number of springs used. Using these parameters, you will feel more secure and comfortable even when you lie close to the bed’s edges and allow yourself to get in and out quickly.

Body Weight

For most people, their ideal body position depends on their weight. And Pranasleep® mattress provides you with comfort, and support, contouring the body without making you feel like you are sinking when asleep

Natural Luxury Mattress

Comfort Investment and Exceptional Warrant

Pranasleep® beds contain two or more spring systems, soft and flexible springs to offer a smooth surface, and firmer springs for deep support. With these spring systems working in coordination, you experience relaxed, comfortable and supportive sleep. Moreover, Pranasleep® springs carry a 25 years warranty.



In the end, we can say that the right kind of mattress that provides support for your back pain and keeps your spine straight all night is what you need in your life. It would help if you have a bed that understands your body contours to feel proper support with the length of your back.

No one can promise you to get rid of your back aches when switching to a new or luxury mattress online. But all Pranasleep® Mattresses are built to offer you deep and quality sleep for many more years of your lives and prevent or minimise the trouble of any backaches that might arise in the future.


As you might have heard, quality sleep is essential for us, but the mattress we use also plays a vital role in our lives. And you need to understand your sleeping positions and preferences in terms of firmness, touch, feel, colour and size before buying a natural and luxury mattress to get a sound sleep is important.

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