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Want to know 5 Amazing Truths about Cotton Mattresses. Read Here.

Cotton Mattress

The Luxury of Nature!

The natural texture, the capacity to breathe, and the suppleness of a cotton mattress are the reasons why people choose to sleep on them. People with asthma and allergies can benefit from it because it doesn’t make their allergies worse and it lets air flow.

Cotton mattresses have been the go-to choice for folks looking to get a good night’s sleep on a soft mattress. One reason cotton has become more popular over the past few years is that it relaxes your body in a reliable and natural way.

We at PranaSleep® use cotton to make our most comfortable mattress. Here are five amazing reasons why you should buy a cotton mattress.


Cotton is a material that holds up quite well over time. In point of fact, cotton mattresses are a wonderful solution for anyone seeking a mattress that will last for a lengthy period.

Extremely Breathable

Cotton mattresses are breathable, which is another reason why many people choose to sleep on them. When it’s hot outside, sleeping is no longer a pleasant experience. On the other hand, the issue of a temperature-controlled mattress may be easily remedied with the use of a mattress made of cotton. Unfortunately, many people who are trying to discover the most comfortable sleeping environment may find that foam and memory foam mattresses are too hot. As a consequence of this, investing in a mattress made of cotton could turn out to be the wisest choice you’ve ever made.

Nature's Material

Cotton originates from the earth and is completely organic. Actually, cotton mattresses might serve as a starting point if you are seeking additional environmentally friendly items or if you just want to reduce your carbon impact.

Easy To Clean and Wash

Cotton is a natural fibre, and its surface can be washed with a damp cloth and a moderate detergent. It means you won’t have to worry about the mattress becoming soiled or destroyed if it gets wet. Cotton can be washed by hand or machine without causing any structural damage or loss of quality or density. It will shrink somewhat after washing, but this should not affect how comfortable it feels when resting on top of it.

Moisture Absorbing

Additionally, cotton’s ability to drain moisture away from the mattress makes it a great choice for those who want to be dry and comfortable in bed.
Cotton resists the growth of bacteria and does not retain odors like other materials. Because of this, it is an excellent choice for families that have a large number of people and/or pets that like to jump on the bed.
At Pranasleep®, we use the best materials and techniques to make our mattresses. They can give you unparalleled comfort and softness while you rest after a hard day’s work. Pranasleep® cotton mattresses not only help people who are allergic or asthmatic, but they are also very comfortable and soft for anyone who uses them. They are the best mattresses in India.

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