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Is Bad Mattress Ruining Your Health? Know How


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We spend at least one third of our lives sleeping, or eight hours a day on average, on our mattresses. Still, not everyone puts a lot of thought into their mattress choice. They don’t even bother looking into where to get the most bang for their buck before making a purchase. When compared to other necessities, like groceries, some individuals will spend less time researching and selecting a mattress. We know that you might have been surprised, but it’s true.Let’s spend more time looking for a good mattress for sleeping by learning about the dangers of sleeping on a bad one.

Ailments of the respiratory tract and the throat
Dust and other allergens accumulate in an old mattress over time. Many individuals think a mattress is an investment that will last forever, despite the fact that everything has a certain lifespan. But a buildup or attraction of dust can irritate the lungs and throat, which can lead to a number of breathing problems.
Compromised immune system
Lack of sleep might be perceived as a disruption or damage to the immune system for the reasons listed above. The immune system might be expected to take the most hit.
Lack of sleep (and everything that comes with it)
Feeling drowsy in the mornings and unable to focus throughout the day? An uncomfortable mattress might be the cause of your nightly awakenings. The following day might be rough if you have to force yourself to get out of bed because your mattress is too old or too uncomfortable.

Some studies have linked sleep disruption to negative health effects and a worse quality of life.
Pain and discomfort in the neck and back
Although the mattress you’ve had since you were a student may be soft and cushy, it may not be supportive enough to provide you with a decent night’s sleep.
Muscle fatigue, bad posture, and a sore back might result from a mattress that doesn’t provide enough support. Having a mattress that is firm enough to accommodate your body’s natural curves is key, but it’s also necessary to pick a mattress that is just perfect for you; if a firm mattress is too stiff, for example, it might disrupt your sleep.
Pain in the joints
Your joints may hurt in the morning if you sleep on a mattress that is excessively hard. A firm mattress is preferable to an old, sagging one for your spine and posture, but it might cause discomfort if you toss and turn all night.
You may experience greater discomfort if you make an already difficult situation even worse by trying to force yourself into a more favorable posture. It’s natural to try different positions until you find one that works, but even a small ache, says Dr. Michael Schaefer, director of musculoskeletal physical medicine and rehabilitation at the Cleveland Clinic, may keep you up at night and put unnecessary stress on your muscles and bones.
Are you suffering from any of these issues associated with a bad mattress?
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The day your sofa is more comfortable than your mattress is a sad one, but with the aid of the sleep specialists at PranaSleep® , you can quickly and easily overcome your mattress’s unpleasant symptoms and return to a restful night’s sleep in your own bed.
Your mattress is an investment in your physical and emotional well-being. As such, you should do your homework and consult the professionals at PranaSleep® to ensure that you make the best choice possible. After reading this article, you may decide to get a new mattress if you see any of the warning signals.

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