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A Perfect Buying Guide for Wool Mattress

Wool Mattress


Have you ever heard about the Wool mattress? Yeah, You heard me right, Wool Mattress. Now, there is a chance that you might be thinking a wool mattressis suitable for winters only but let me stop you there. It is not what you think.
According to the Health Science Faculty in Sydney, Australia, along with the Woolmark organisation, they have confirmed through their research that those who lay on a wool mattress fall asleep quickly and sleep soundly in every season.

Moreover, they have proved that when you sleep on a mattress, your heartbeat reduces and therefore helps you adjust your body temperature and experience a relaxing and good night’s sleep. Isn’t that what we need? Right?

Now, you must be curious to know more about all the aspects related to a wool mattress then you are at the right place. Today, in this article, you will get to know all the details about the wool mattress.

Why Buy Horsetail hair?

Horsetail hair does wonders when it comes to making a wool mattress. Thanks to horsetail hair, you can sleep fast and enjoy deep sleep, uninterrupted, rejuvenating, at the right temperature. Horsetail hair comes up with its own practical and built-in ventilation system. Each of the horsetails has a hollow tube that acts as a mini airway, that reduces the moisture and lets the fresh air come in to enhance your sleep. Imagine that kind of sleep can do wonders to your quality of life.
Though nature has created a lot of magic in this world, one of its magic is the combination of horsetail and cotton which further gives us wool. Pure wool helps you provide your own bed’s control unit. Isn’t it magical?

From ancient times, people have known about the great qualities of wool to keep you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s warm. And you will sleep at a suitable temperature when using a natural luxury mattress: Wool mattress.

Now, you must be wondering where to buy a wool mattress? Then, let me help you with that. Pranasleep® is the right companion for you to buy a soft mattress for bed.

Wool possesses antistatic properties and is strong, water-resistant, and heat-insulating. Keeping this in mind, Pranasleep® mattresses contain a precise mixture of wool and cotton to provide you with the ultimate comfort and relief. They use high-quality pine from the Himalayas, and authentic, hypoallergenic horsetail hair.

To that end, a medium-firm, firm, or ultra-firm mattress, depending on the individual’s preference, would be the ideal option for a person of a heavier weight.
Do you know? Wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in water without feeling wet. The tiny pores allow water to pass through the wool fibre, making it comfortable for every season. Furthermore, to test this theory, you can pour some water on a piece of rubber foam, and see how it retains all the moisture and keeps it dry.
When you buy a wool mattress from Pranasleep®, you will get to sleep on a natural luxury mattress that allows you to sleep on a dry bed with a well-ventilated foundation where the materials used are chemical-free.
Moving on, you might be thinking about how to choose a wool mattress. Then, in the next segment of this article, let’s check the wool mattress buying guide.

Wool Mattress Buying Guide

How do you sleep? We recommend you sleep on your side or your back. In case, you like to sleep on your side then you can try a mattress that can provide you full support. In the right bed, you can feel the weightlessness and the support that your body needs the most. And at Pranasleep®, you will find the perfect wool mattress that can give you the proper support and comfort that you might need.

Also, in terms of support and alignment, a foam mattress cannot be compared with a spring system isolation support. With a chemical or “modern” mattress, it will be challenging to maintain its support up to the length a Pranasleep® mattress can.

Now the question arises, how to choose a wool mattress? So, let’s talk about it in this segment. Following are a few points that need to be taken care of while buying a wool mattress:


It is now proved by science as well that sleep is the most potent drug. It boosts your mental as well as physical performance, it is not about your metabolism but your beauty too.

The longer and more peaceful you sleep, the better work you can do when you are awake. And keeping that in mind, Pranasleep® uses renewable resources and certified natural materials to create the perfect sleep for you through a wool luxury mattress.

Wool offers a lot of good perks including life durability, controls your body temperature when you sleep and is made from biodegradable, sustainable, and renewal materials.
Moreover, mattress topper wool is naturally hypoallergenic, and naturally flame retardant. When you choose Pranasleep®, you will feel a massive difference in the quality of your sleep. They know how to make a perfect mattress using all of the natural materials and methods that you and your loved ones will appreciate.

So, if you are ready to transform your sleeping game then take a look at Pranasleep’s®  soft mattress for your bed and enjoy the best and most eco-friendly sleep that doesn’t affect the Earth in any way.

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