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Care instructions

A Pranasleep® bed is an investment. An investment in your quality of sleep, which is an investment in your quality of life. And like any good investment, your Pranasleep® bed will yield returns over a great period of time. Simply follow these easy instructions.
Your Pranasleep® mattress is upholstered with 100% natural materials – horsehair, cotton, silk, and wool. These materials will conform over time to adapt to your body shape and sleeping style, becoming more pliable and form-fitting. Good care of your mattress will ensure it retains its beauty and, more importantly, delivers great comfort for decades to come.


Your mattress will need vacuuming at regular intervals. Use the furniture attachment for best results. Don’t forget the dust inhibiting, cotton lining on the underside of the mattress. You can clean this area by flipping the mattress. If you have an adjustable bed, simply raise the head and foot sections so you can access underneath. Never try to beat the dust out of your top mattress! Use your vaccum instead.

Color appearance

All natural fabrics have a tendency to fade when exposed to intense sunlight or powerful spotlights for long periods. Pranasleep® fabrics retain color well.  However, we recommend that you keep your Pranasleep® bed away from strong direct light or protect the bed with a bed skirt if you wish to avoid slight color variations on the bed.


Pranasleep® beds have a 25 year written warranty against spring and frame breakage from delivery date. Please register your bed at to activate the warranty.

Getting started

Cleaning your bedroom or changing your sheets is an excellent time to examine your bed. Be sure to look for accumulated dust, any stains, and that your mattress is settling correctly.


When you first get your new mattress home, you may notice a slight scent from the natural materials your bed is made from This is normal and will decrease over time. You can accelerate this process by keeping the climate in the room as stable as possible and airing out your mattress. This is as easy as not making your bed in the morning, and putting your linens and top mattress to the side. Your top mattress should be more thoroughly aired out at regular intervals — simply remove any bed linens that would normally cover it.


Your Pranasleep® bed is made using the highest quality, 100% natural materials. As such, it is not recommended that it be washed, laundered or dry cleaned. But accidents do happen and a textile cleaner or furniture foam should be sufficient to clean any stains. There is a small risk the cleaner could discolor the fabric or damage the natural mineral solution that makes the bed fire retardant. To prevent this, we suggest testing a small portion on an unobtrusive section of the mattress. For ultimate mattress protection, we recommend using a Pranasleep® bed skirt and mattress cover.

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